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Blevins Instruments, Inc. is owned and operated by Dwight and Cindy Blevins.  We have been building harps in  beautiful Western Colorado for almost three decades. To date we have manufactured, sold and shipped about 3,300 harps to the United States, Canada, Asia, South America, Africa, the UK and Europe. On the pages of this website you will find close to 90 different harp models, from small lap harp to large floor harp. Every harp model page includes stats, photos and sound clips for you to enjoy. 


We are in the process of closing the harpmaking division of Blevins Instruments, Inc.

Current harp production will continue until the early months of 2018, but we are not accepting new orders at the present time. Blevins Instruments, the corporation, is NOT closing. We will remain available for orders of harp strings, music and other items. Our warranty division will also remain open. We aren't going anywhere, we are just not taking new harp orders. 

Our manufacturing division, namely, the harp-making division, of Blevins Harps is for sale. All of the design rights, harp patterns, existing equipment and inventory are available for purchase, as well as the domain name blevinsharps.com (the domain name will only be sold WITH the business, not separately).

Our manufacturing plant, with shop, office and warehouse space is also currently available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing the Blevins Harps business, please contact us.

You can still order a LeStik. Please click here for information on pricing, timing and measuring for your LeStik. You can also order harp cases and padded straps. Just contact us.

"There's no one on earth who builds prettier harps than you, Dwight! And expertly pairs them with the right buyer and showcases them as beautifully as you, Cindy.  You make a great team....and the result is I've gotten three of the prettiest (and best sounding) harps in the world to luxuriously play,  choosing from among them at whim."  Vivian S, AZ

Check out one of our carbon fiber hybrid harps, the Bourree 28.  Here is a review of the burgundy one pictured on our model page:

"Well, it's time for me to provide my input on my new harp:  Thank you so very much for building such a wonderful instrument!  Its voice is lovely, although I realize it is still developing.  From the first time I tuned it and played, it has been everything I always wanted!  It is so very light weight and just the right size for me and I love, LOVE having the low tones. "  Lynda F, WA

Find more reviews on our two pages of testimonials (see boxes above).

Ever wonder how rich a cross-strung harp can sound? Watch this video on YouTube. Kiki has had one of our Xythia cross harps for several years, and performs with it in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

I Really Want to Play the Harp! (A Decision-Making Guide for Potential Harp Players) Click Here

"The Music of the Appointed Times," a book by Dwight Blevins


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